Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lotus Buds quilt block

Lotus Buds
December 1, 1933-Lotus Buds is the name of the pattern published by Nancy Cabot in the Chicago Tribune today.

She wrote, "It's theme, the lotus, which the Egyptians and the Chinese considered a sacred flower, and its unusual treatment give today's quilt pattern a definitely oriental quality."

The Lotus Buds design combines applique with piecing. Nancy said that "since the natural lotus comes in a variety of colors, it is possible to use your favorite color scheme with no loss of suitability." Her drawing shows two buds being dark and two buds being light as I have shown in my drawing.  Her pattern which can be seen here confirms that this is how she intended the pattern to be made.

I can not find any quilts made using the Lotus Buds block so here's my interpretation of Nancy Cabot's pattern-

Tomorrow-Iowa Rose


  1. I think if I were to make a quilt with the block, I would try turning it on point.

    1. Great idea! That would look very nice.