Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Jersey Rose quilt block

New Jersey Rose
November 15, 1933-Yet another applique pattern using the rose motif was published by Nancy Cabot today. The New Jersey Rose pattern is the fourth applique rose pattern this month!

The New Jersey Rose quilt pattern originated in New Jersey in 1830. "The original had roses and buds of red, leaves and stems green, and the tip of the buds a deep yellow," wrote Nancy describing this design.

However, in Nancy's original New Jersey Rose quilt pattern which can be seen here, she calls out pink and rose fabrics to be used to make the block.

"Modern copies are usually made in softer colors more harmonious with contemporary decorating combinations," she went on to write.

Following Nancy Cabot's pattern, a New Jersey Rose quilt might look like this-

The pattern gave the option of green or rose 2 1/2" wide sashing with a  5" wide border of any color used in the quilt. Nancy preferred a green border and wrote, "a soft green border is always prettier on flower quilts." As you can see, I used rose sashing and green border.

I can't find any quilts made using this pattern.

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