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Delectable Mountains Quilt block

Delectable Mountains
November 12, 1933- The Delectable Mountains quilt won three prizes in the 1933 Sears Quilt Contest at the Chicago World's Fair.

For a change in pace, we have a pieced block!

Nancy showed her entire pattern in her Chicago Tribune column today instead of just a block. I am showing just the center of the block. The quilt is made of multiple rounds made like the first round.

According to Nancy, the quilt "design was created long ago in New Jersey by the invalid wife of a clergyman; during her long years of confinement to bed and chair she designed and made many quilts, but considered this her masterpiece." I often wonder where she got her info.!

According to the Sears Century of Progress in Quilt Making book, the Delectable Mountains quilt entered in the 1933 Sears quilt Contest won four prizes not three as Nancy said. The pattern was published in that book and can be seen here as images 18 and 19. Notice that this picture has an extra little white strip of fabric between the large and small triangles of the block. I can't tell if this is just drawn that way and not really made like that or not. Any ideas?

The name, Delectable Mountains, has remained unchanged and is still a popular design today. I did not make this design as a 6" block for my sampler because I thought the pieces would be too tiny.  The basic unit of the design is the same as the Kansas Troubles block that we saw published on November 9, 1933.

The pattern can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3986.

Here are some links to quilts made using the Delectable Mountains design-

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