Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Burgoyne's Surrender quilt block

Burgoyne's Surrender
November 24, 1933-Today's quilt block gets it's name from the history of 1777. Burgoyne's Surrender is the name of Nancy Cabot's pattern published today.

"This design, as its name implies, was created to celebrate the surrender of the English general, John Burgoyne, to Gates at Saratoga in 1777. It's quite probable that the original was made by some patriotic quilter during or just after the revolution," she wrote.

The pattern is also been called Homespun but Nancy feels the "original and correct" name is Burgoyne's Surrender. Contrary to what Nancy says, this block was and is more commonly known as Burgoyne Surrounded. 

Here are three books written about this block-

Burgoyne Surrounded: A Classic Quilt Plus Six Variations

Burgoyne Surrounded: New Quilts from an Old Favorite

Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt

You can read more about the history of this block here.

All People Quilt recently had a quilt-along based on this block. You can see a variety of ideas on color placement on Moda Lissa's blog.

Here are some links to quilts made using the Burgoyne's Surrender quilt block-

red and white made most like Nancy's pattern

blue and white

green and white

This is much too complicated a block to make a 6" block for a sampler quilt. I used the Homespun block from Electric Quilt for my drawing of the block. Nancy's drawing showed a nine patch in all four corners as opposed to my drawing that shows it only in the lower right corner.

Tomorrow-Tulip Garden

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