Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little White House on the Hill quilt block

The Little White House on the Hill
November 23, 1933-Nancy Cabot's quilt block for today probably has the longest name I have ever seen for a quilt block. It is called The Little White House on the Hill. Nancy refers to it as an "ancient pattern" but doesn't give any information on it's origin.

She had this to say about the pattern, "This cunning design that outlines a simple little white house quite clearly an old one, and originals of it are highly prized by their fortunate owners." Did she really write her sentence like that or was it typeset wrong in the newspaper?

A copy of Nancy's pattern can be seen here. I found one quilt made like Nancy Cabot's pattern here. The picture is very blurry but it's a good representation of the pattern. There are other variations of this pattern often seen with two windows or with panes in the windows.

This is a very easy block to make. I paper pieced my 6" block. Here are the sections I used-

I eliminated some seams from Nancy's pattern and added one to make it easier to put together. You can download my pattern here. Check out my paper piecing tutorial for my method of paper piecing.

The Little White House on the Hill quilt block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #862.

Tomorrow-Burgoyne's Surrender

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