Friday, May 16, 2014

Dogwood Beauty quilt

Dogwood Beauty
November 19, 1933-Dogwood Blooms and Cobweb Stitching Make Attractive Quilt was the title of Nancy Cabot's column in the Chicago Tribune today.

Contrary to the tradition of this column , a block for the Dogwood Beauty quilt design was not shown today. Nancy explained, "Because a quilt in this design is so stunning, we are picturing above the whole quilt instead of a single block to show the design."

Dogwood Beauty is another floral applique design that I did not make for my sampler quilt.

Pale green, pale pink or pale yellow were suggested as choices for the background fabric of the white dogwood blooms which are appliqued to the background. "There are no leaves in the design, since the real dogwood bears no leaves during its blooming period," wrote Nancy.

I haven't found a pattern for the Dogwood Beauty quilt but I did find a variation of the quilt from 1932 here.

Tomorrow-California Oak Leaf


  1. I really do like this quilt! So I'm sorry for making this next comment. After I looked at it I gave me a trick and I thought I saw spider webs in the middle. Sorry! I really love dogwoods. They are some of my favorite flowers. I just can't convince my husband to plant them in my yard.

    1. You are right. You did see spiderwebs. They are the quilting stitches. Nancy Cabot is suggesting the spiderweb design for quilting in the open spaces.