Friday, May 23, 2014

Cut Tulips quilt block

Cut Tulips
November 26, 1933-Another tulip design, Cut Tulips! Tulip Garden was just published yesterday. Both designs are surprisingly similar too. Both are applique patterns and have three tulips in a vase.

Though the Cut Tulips quilt block looks kind of modern to me, Nancy says it is over a hundred years old and that's in 1933.

She tells this story behind the design-"A century ago at one of the customary meetings of the sewing or quilting circles in a little town in Dutch New York, the women were lamenting the dearth of new quilt patterns. One quilter said, "I can't draw, I can only cut," and proceeded to transfer to brown wrapping paper the design inspired by the bright pot of tulips that stood in the window.  When the others commented on the lack of leaves in the design, her quite sensible reply was "I never was any good at cutting them."

As interesting as this block's history is, I have not been able to find any patterns or quilts made from this pattern.

Tomorrow-Calico Bush

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