Friday, January 24, 2014

Wild Rose quilt block

Wild Rose
August 24, 1933-The Wild Rose quilt pattern was a "brand spankin' new pattern, never before published" wrote Nancy Cabot when debuting her pattern in the Chicago Tribune. She suggested searching "for that delicate rose pink material from which to cut your rose petals."

This applique quilt pattern sold for "5 cents in stamps or coin" as did all her patterns up to this point. Since this is an applique pattern, I did not make it for my sampler.

As I have mentioned before, Nancy Cabot sold a quilt pattern everyday for several years and to make all the blocks would be crazy so I have been eliminating blocks not suitable for the 6" size I am making and have stopped making all of the applique blocks so that I have the time to continue this blog.

I have not been able to find a copy of Nancy's pattern or any quilts made using her Wild Rose design though there are many quilts made using that name.

Tomorrow- Golden Lily

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