Monday, January 27, 2014

Louisiana Rose quilt block

Louisiana Rose
August 27, 1933-Louisiana Rose, Prize Winner, Boasts a Long Record of Popularity was the subtitle of Nancy Cabot's column today.

She wrote, "Flaunting the blue and gold ribbons of a prize winner, today's quilt pattern created something of a sensation in a recent quilt contest-one of the largest ever held." I believe she is referring to the Sears Quilt Contest at the 1933 World's Fair which can be seen here. Be sure to read the history of the quilt below its' picture.

Nancy wrote, "The block is best executed in two shades of rose. The border is effective in green but many quilters prefer it also in rose." The quilt shown above has a rose border.

Nancy also noted that the quilt could be seen in many color schemes in the south where it was extremely popular.



  1. There are parts of this block that would be hard to applique but would be pretty.

  2. I agree. Did you check out the link to see the quilt? It's fantastic!

  3. I am so excited to have found the pattern templates for this one at - I am from Louisiana and so this one is of particular interest to me. I read at the Quilt Index that this is a variation of the Rose of Sharon blocks that were so popular in the early 1900s. I guess that's what Nancy Cabot means when she says that this pattern boasts a long record of popularity because I had never heard of this block before now. Crowley is a very short drive from where I'm from - Lafayette, Louisiana.

  4. Thanks for the link! I have referenced that site before in regard to other blocks in that book. Guess I missed this one.

  5. It was very difficult to find! Since it is included in the booklet, it does not turn up in searches. I just got lucky because it was a winner in the 1933 Sears contest. If not for that, it would not have been included in the booklet. It may take me a while to make it since I just moved & all of my quilting stuff is in storage but I would be honored to share a photo once I've made it. Thanks again for this wonderful collection of blocks & templates and instructions!