Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kentucky Peony quilt block

Kentucky Peony
August 4, 1933-The Kentucky Peony quilt is from Kentucky as the name suggests.  It originated in 1832 according to Nancy Cabot. She wrote that it had not "traveled much north of the Mason-Dixon line and is rarely seen except in the south."

I believe she was correct in saying it was rarely seen as I have not been able to find any examples of this quilt. Maybe it was known by another name also?

Since this is an applique pattern, I did not try to make it for my sampler quilt of 6" blocks.

Nancy's pattern for the Kentucky Peony quilt can be found here.

If one was trying to use her pattern, it might look like this except she says  to use only eight blocks but set diagonally with white squares. I'm not sure how you would only use eight blocks.

Tomorrow-Sunbonnet Baby


  1. I love the peony flower. This is a really cute block.

  2. Like the block. I'm thinking I need to make sampler quilt of the applique flowers. So far, though, it's just a thought....but it's at the front of my brain.