Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golden Poppies quilt block

Golden Poppies
August 23, 1933-Golden Poppies is the name of the quilt block presented by Nancy Cabot today.

She described the block as such, "California poppies of a gay yellow and deeply serrated green leaves bob from the checkered basket of brown and yellow fabric." Do you think people really talked like that in the 1930's?

Nancy suggested "a soft mellow old ivory" background fabric to "help emphasize the Golden Poppies, placing them in striking relief."

Nancy Cabot's original pattern for the Golden Poppies quilt can be seen here. The pattern was designed with an 18" block and required only 12 blocks set diagonally with an alternate plain white block. It would look something like this-

I haven't been able to find any quilts made from this pattern.

Tomorrow-Wild Rose

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