Saturday, January 25, 2014

Golden Lily quilt block

Golden Lily
August 25, 1933-"The Golden Lily pattern presents an innovation in quiltdom," wrote Nancy Cabot about today's quilt block. She was referring to the fact that the Golden Lily quilt block was "oblong" with "the completed lily blocks joined stem to stem to form a continuous panel design instead of a square block design."

She said that the block could be appliqued in white on yellow, gold on white or "white petals, yellow stamens on a pastel panel would be very effective."

As you can see, I chose a pastel background for my illustration.

This is another block I didn't make because it's not square so not suitable for my sampler of 6" blocks and it's an applique block .

There is a typewritten copy of Nancy Cabot's newspaper article here. I was not able to find any quilts or patterns for this design.

A Golden Lily quilt might look like this-

Tomorrow-Morning Glory

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