Thursday, January 16, 2014

Single Lily quilt block

Single Lily
August 16, 1933-The Single Lily quilt block "was at one time a great favorite with quilters everywhere, though examples of it are rarely seen," stated Nancy Cabot when writing about today's block in the Chicago Tribune.

This block looks familiar to me but I have to agree with Nancy that examples are rarely seen as I could not find any blocks or quilts, new or old, to show.

The "Single Lily" is a delightfully simple design to cut and piece, and is most attractive made up in soft yellow prints, with the lower petals and stem in green," she went on to say. Nancy suggested the background fabric be "milk white" or "natural white."

The Single Lily is an easy block to piece using half square triangle blocks. I modified my 6" block a little to end up with these pieces-

The single blocks are cut 2" square to finish at 1 1/2" and the half square triangle blocks finish at 1 1/2". The block in the corner with the stem and leaves finishes at 3".

To make the corner block, start with a 4" square of background fabric cut on the diagonal and a 1" X 6" strip of fabric to be used for the stem.  You also to cut need 2 leaves. I used fusible to attach my leaves but you can applique them any way you want. Cut whatever leaf shape you like.

Sew the stem to the two triangles with leaves attached by matching the centers of each piece. It will look something like this-

Center your ruler on the diagonal center of the stem and trim the block to 3 1/2".

Sew the block together in sections like shown below and then sew the rows together.

A copy of Nancy Cabot's Single Lily pattern can be seen at the Quilt Index. Her pattern is for a 10" block. A quilt made following that pattern might look like this-


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