Monday, January 6, 2014

Flatiron quilt block

August 6, 1933-The Flatiron quilt block is the block of the day. In her Chicago Tribune column, Nancy Cabot wrote,"The old fashioned reliable flatiron furnished the inspiration for today's quilt pattern, just as many other homely household articles have been represented in our early American examples of quilting."

The flatiron she was referring to was the type that was heated and used to press clothes. Today, we use a flatiron to straighten hair! And does anyone press clothes anymore?

Nancy said that it was impossible to trace the origin of the Flatiron quilt block because it was so popular.  This block has also been called Sugar Loaf and Arrowheads.

The drawing for her column shows a section of a quilt instead of just a block. She shows a plain triangle alternating with a triangle pieced of diamonds. The triangles were set together in straight rows. A copy of Nancy's Flatiron pattern can be seen here.

There are examples of antique quilts here and here.

Tomorrow-Pennsylvania Dutch Rose

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