Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oakleaves and Acorns quilt block

Oakleaves and Acorns
August 21, 1933-Oakleaves and Acorns was the quilt pattern of the day in Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column.  The pattern is very old, originating in 1765 in Massachusetts according to Nancy.

She states that the Oakleaves and Acorns quilt block was originally pieced from "old fashion red and green" but felt it "would be much prettier and certainly more realistic, however, if done in the natural shades of the oak leaves and acorns...green and shades of brown."

Since this is an applique pattern I did not make it for my sampler.

Tomorrow-Honey Bee

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  1. The colors used in the block suit the design so well. I like this one.