Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wreath of Daisies quilt block

Wreath of Daisies
September 29, 1933-The Wreath of Daisies quilt block is yet another green and yellow quilt design published by Nancy Cabot this month!

She explains, "An ideal color combination for the Wreath of Daisies quilt pattern is milk white for the flower petals, swirling around a golden yellow center on the leafy stem of green. The entire wreath is placed on a delicately tinted green background."

"A quilt of this design will be quite as suitable and charming in a room of the modern plan as in one not quite so modern."

A Wreath of Daisies quilt won a second place award at a Chicago Sears store according to the Quilt Index. I can not find a picture of the quilt or any additional information though.

Tomorrow-Modernistic Pansy

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