Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peeled Orange quilt block

Peeled Orange
October 11, 1933-Nancy Cabot published her Peeled Orange quilt pattern today. It sold for "5 cents in stamps or coin" as did all her patterns up til now.

Nancy didn't think this block much resembled a peeled orange but I think it kind of does if you think about the sections of an orange. Anyway she said it was "usually pieced in various shades of lemon yellow and orange. It makes a sprightly quilt furnishing a splendid splash of color in a room that needs brightening."

The Peeled Orange quilt block design is similar to Nancy's Melon Patch quilt block design. The Peeled Orange design just has alot more "melons." The pattern can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3532. Nancy doesn't mention it but this pattern is also called Joseph's Coat.

Don't look now! hosted a quilt along featuring the Joseph's Coat quilt block. There are complete instructions for making this block using an applique technique. I can't find any old patterns so I don't know if the block was originally appliqued or pieced.

I decided to try to piece my block and it worked quite well even at the small 6" size that I have been making for my sampler quilt. There are just a few basic parts to the block-

I pieced sections together like shown below. I pieced six sections like shown on the right and then sewed three sections together to make a half like shown on the left.

I then sewed two background pieces together like shown on the right (below) and sewed that piece to one half of the block like shown on the left. Then just sew the two sections together to finish the block.

With my yellow fabrics, it looks more like a peeled lemon than a Peeled Orange! Ha!

You can download my pattern here.

 I found lots of antique quilts made using this pattern. All of the quilts are very scrappy. Here are some links-

I love them all!!

Tomorrow-Garland of Leaves

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