Sunday, March 16, 2014

Modernistic Pansy quilt block

Modernistic Pansy
September 30, 1933-"Quilts are "going modern" in an effort to keep up with the modern artists, decorators and interiors" wrote Nancy Cabot about her Modernistic Pansy quilt pattern.

Each block of the quilt was to be "pieced of a different print or color, using those colors that are natural to the flower" she explained.

I have been spent way too much time trying to find a pattern for Nancy Cabot's Modernistic Pansy quilt block or a quilt made from the block but have not had any luck.

I did find this one Pansy quilt that is similar.

I have a feeling that the block as drawn in Nancy's Chicago Tribune newspaper column (shown at the left) may not be the same as her pattern was drawn. This block just doesn't look right to me and in the past there have been instances where the block presented in the newspaper did not match the block shown in her pattern. For that reason, I decided not to make the block. I don't want to have a block in my sampler quilt that is not as Nancy Cabot intended.

The Blocks page has now been updated to include September's blocks.

Tomorrow-Colonial Rose

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