Friday, March 21, 2014

Triangle Puzzle quilt block

Triangle Puzzle
October 5, 1933-The Triangle Puzzle quilt block "is the simplest" of all the puzzle design quilt patterns said Nancy Cabot when presenting her Triangle Puzzle quilt pattern today.

"It is easy to piece, but when set together forms a continuous and complicated design over the entire coverlet."

A handwritten copy of Nancy's pattern can be seen here.

I agree that this is a very easy quilt block to make.

The Triangle Puzzle block can be made from just two templates -a triangle and the center strip. You can download a copy here if you want to piece the block.

I paper pieced my 6" block because I feel it's more accurate to paper piece a small block and I think it's less work because I don't have to cut my pieces from templates. You can download my paper piecing pattern here. These are the three pieces to the pattern-

I like the graphic nature of this block and think it would make a great red and white quilt or any two color quilt for that matter. That's why I made my block red and white.  Here's what a Triangle Puzzle quilt might look like-

Tomorrow-French Rose

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