Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chained Dominos quilt block

Chained Dominos
October 10, 1933-The game of dominos was the inspiration for the Chained Dominos quilt design. When Nancy Cabot published this pattern she said it's origin was dated "way, way back to the popularity of the game."

I don't know what she's trying to say. Maybe just that she thinks it's a really old quilt design? I researched the game and found it goes back as far as the 12th century. Do you think there were quilts then?

I found a copy of a pattern for this block sold by The Progressive Farmer that they called Domino Net and one from The Ladies Art Co. called Domino.

The suggested colors for Domino Net were white and a dark print but it was suggested Domino be made from pink and white fabrics.

Blue and white were the colors the Chained Dominos quilt was originally made from according to Nancy Cabot. I decided to follow this idea when I made my 6" block. This is a very easy block to make. You need-10) 1 1/2" white squares, 6) 1 1/2" blue squares, 2) 2 1/2" white squares, 6) 1 1/2"X2 1/2" blue strips. The pieces are arranged like this-

I sewed my pieces together like shown below.  The top left and lower right are made the same way and the top right and lower left are made the same. It goes together very easily.

 The block is available in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #K019 if you have that program. The Domino quilt pattern by The Ladies Art Co. that I mentioned above has a drawing of what the quilt might look like made from this block if you are interested.

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  1. Yes,there were quilts in the 12th century. The concept of quilts and patchwork dates back more than 5000 years...

  2. I made a table topper using this design which I thought was called the enigma block