Saturday, January 26, 2013

Georgetown Circle quilt block

Georgetown Circle quilt block

January 26, 1933-Nancy Cabot published the Georgetown Circle quilt block.  She says it was originally called Crown of Thorns.  I think that is a more apt name as it has really been a thorn in my side.  The way she drew it, it had 42 pieces! I spent a whole day trying to figure out the best way to construct it and finally came up with a paper piecing pattern that makes it very easy to construct.  I also eliminated 8 pieces! Can you tell where?
Nancy Cabot original design

You can download the pattern for a 6" block here.  There are several good tutorials about paper piecing online if you have never tried it before.  Try this one or this one.  This block is #2048 in the Electric Quilt and BlockBase programs.  It is colored differently however.

Nancy recalls that the block was at one time called a Memory Quilt when pieced without the "thorns" from "garments of departed relatives and friends"  It was called a Tombstone Quilt when inscriptions were stitched in the center. It's also been called Wedding Ring.  I wonder why she calls it Georgetown Circle.

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  1. Lovely! I made this tonight using your paper piecing pattern, and it worked beautifully :)