Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old Gray Goose quilt block

Old Gray Goose quilt block

January 27, 1933-Nancy Cabot published the Old Gray Goose quilt block named for the song "Go Tell Aunt Rosie the Old Gray Goose is Dead."  She claims it dates back to the 17th century and was originally  pieced with many colors.  She wrote, "Today, since we do not depend upon the scrap bag as our source of materials, the blocks will assume added distinction if done in two colors."  I love it in two colors!  The block has also been called Devil's Claws and Double Z which is a more common name today.

This a very easy block to sew.  It can be made from 16 half square triangles, a combination of half square triangles and flying geese units (what I did) or 8 flying geese which is how I would make it if I do it again.

You just need 4 geese of one fabric and four geese of another fabric.  Two dark centers go across the top and two more go on the bottom row with both rows facing the outer edge of the block.  All 4 light geese go in the center, turned the long way, facing each other. For a 6" block, the geese need to finish at 1 1/2" X 3".  Use whatever method you like to make your flying geese units.  Quilt in a Day has a special ruler to make them that I personally like.  This block can be found as #3221 in the Electric Quilt and BlockBase software.

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