Friday, January 25, 2013

Fruit Basket quilt block

Fruit Basket quilt block

January 25, 1933-Nancy Cabot wrote, "Though its origin dates back many, many years, "Fruit Basket" has a decidedly futuristic accent with its straight line and angular simplicity."

She believed this block originated in the New England states because it reflected the "characteristic traits of the inhabitants of the section-conventionality and simple severity."  I wonder if she is making fun of or complimenting New Englanders!

This is a 5 patch block and super simple to make.

I made mine 5" finished simply because the math is easier.  I used a feed sack fabric from my stash since I am trying to make all of these blocks from vintage fabrics. I love the little button design. Several of Nancy's designs are 5 patch blocks so maybe I'll make a sampler of  "nickel" blocks!

To make this 5" block,

Follow the photo above for color placement

Make 7-1 1/2" HST* units (1" finished) B/B
using a method you like as your scraps will allow            

Make 1-3 1/2" HST (3" finished) D/D

Cut a triangle from the background fabric with 2 7/8" sides (C)

Cut 2 background fabric-1 1/2" X 3 1/2" (A)

Cut a 2 7/8" square from the basket fabric and cut on the diagonal for the 2 triangles of  the basket (B)

Sew  following the diagram-

1. B to an A twice as shown

2. 3 B/B to the D watching for color placement

3. 4 HST together like on right side of diagram and then sew to block

4. Sew the A/B units to each side next

5. Sew C to the corner to finish the block

*HST=half square triangle

This block can be found in Electric Quilt and BlockBase as #714.  It is a mirror image so you will need to rotate it to get the same orientation as Fruit Basket.

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  1. I love this block! Small and simple.