Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rolling Star quilt pattern

Rolling Star
March 27, 1933-Nancy Cabot had very little to say when introducing the Rolling Star quilt pattern.  She just says that "starlit skies have been the inspiration for many beautiful quilt patterns, and this design, "Rolling Star", is another of the adaptations."  She showed it as a two color block with an octagonal shape.

The center of the the block is the Eight Point Star which we have made previously.  The pattern is available in Electric Quilt as Rolling Star.  It is shown as a square block which is actually how it needs to be made to fit into a sampler quilt.

I think the best way to make this block at a 6" finished size would be to hand piece it just like it was originally made.  I have not made it yet but think I will give it a try.  Here are the templates you will need if you would like to try to hand piece it yourself.

Tomorrow-Sunbonnet Baby

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